"When I Close My Eyes"

A poem by Aline, PAIR Sophomore


When I open my eyes...

and look around America,
I realize that it's full of diversity and freedom.
It's just because it's (sic) consists of a lot of immigrants.

I take a while and close my eyes
I imagine all the places in America without immigrants
I can see the empty place full of lonelyness (sic)
I can see most stores closing
People are full of depression and their styles look so weird.

My eyes are still closed
I can stretch my mind and think about the policital and economic systems.
Would there be democracy, love, or peace?
I can't see that
I can rather see darkness around the streets.
People are not allowed to move to other countries,
so there is no more freedom.

Remember that my eyes are closed, but I'm fed up.
I open them now and enjoy the beauty of
diversity and freedom around the streets.
I can smell peace and love of every generation.

I love the welcoming eyes that I see when I enter in different stores just because they love and support each other.
I couldn't see this when my eyes were closed.