"Super Thursday" for Global Learners

Yesterday was Election Day at Fondren Middle School.

After seeing how student leadership has invigorated the Global Leaders program, we decided to incorporate it into Fondren Global Learners. One student from each of our three classrooms was elected classroom representative to act as a model student, promote PAIR to other students, and bring student feedback about the program to PAIR staff. Another student from each classroom was elected bus captain to reinforce bus rules and appreciate our bus driver.

We spent several sessions discussing elections, the electoral process, and even read part of the president’s State of the Union address. After learning about the student leadership positions, many of our Global Learners were enthusiastic about running for office. They were nominated by their peers, wrote campaign platforms, and gave speeches to the electorate. Below are two samples of student speeches

As one could imagine, it was a close race. Congratulations to our newly elected classroom representatives and bus captains! Let’s see if they fulfill their campaign promises.