PAIR Blooms this Spring

By Gemrick Curtom, PAIR UH Chapter

It’s back to PAIR and all the volunteers are more than excited and happy to be back with the kids. For our first Tuesday session, we incorporated a meet and greet with the kids and new volunteers. It was a relatively light day but there was still plenty to do. We had all the kids break up into their teams and focus on team building exercises like creating mascots, special cheers with handshakes, and we made acrostic poems for each team and presented it to each other in the class.


It was great to be back! Seeing all the kids and their wonderful smiles, that’s how I know PAIR started off with a great spring session!

For the second Tuesday session, we dove back into writing and we introduced pen pals! We brought prompts and examples of questions we wanted the kids to write in their letters. Even the letters brought out the creativity in all the kids as they decorated their letters and envelopes with stickers, drawings, and kind words! After, we brought out the composition notebooks we purchased so everyone could have their own journal. Best believe they had no trouble getting started on customizing their journals!

Wednesday had their first session this week. To introduce our new volunteers to the kids, we had a get to know your group activity using M&Ms. We introduced recycling and discussed what can be recycled and where do the items go. The kids began decorating their recycling bins and then had a worksheet for them to match objects with decomposition times.

It’s the week of Mardigras and Valentines Day! On Tuesday, we had each team create and decorate their own floats made from shoeboxes, construction paper, glitter, stickers, feathers, and pretty much anything the kids could get their hands on

We had a mini Mardigras party and passed out kings cake to everyone and while we each admired each float the kids made. The kids were so proud of what they created and the volunteers are proud of them too!

Wednesday, the kids made Love Potions using plastic containers, metal trays, baking soda, vinegar, candy hearts, and food coloring. Afterwards, the groups made special valentine crafts for someone important to them. The kids made beautiful animal figures with paper, pipe cleaners, and markers.

 This is just our way of getting pre-PAIRed for all our sessions!

This is just our way of getting pre-PAIRed for all our sessions!